Best Opioid Overdose App

iKeepr is the best opioid overdose app that aims to save the lives of those involved infrequent use of harmful substances (opioid overdose). In the event that you require immediate medical treatment, this app assists by contacting the emergency contacts you provided.

Public Health Statistics states that 62% of people who fall victims to drugs are mostly isolated. Studies have shown that certain hospital cases of opioid poisoning resulted in an increase of deaths from 3.8% to 4.9%. We believe that assisting the spot when needed will save their lives and decrease the number of hospitalizations of opioid drug victims.

Overdoses involving opioids killed nearly 50,000 people in 2019, and nearly 73% of those deaths involved synthetic opioids. (Source CDC).

The majority of Emergency Medical Service responses to suspected opioid-related overdoses were for males (72%) and more than three-quarters (76%) were among young and middle-aged adults aged 20-49 years old. (Health Canada).

Features of Best Opioid Overdose App


The application is completely designed to secure user privacy.

Safety Timer:

Assists users to track and trigger an SOS emergency Can also set a custom timer for up to 60 mins.

Lifesaving Guides:

How to use CPR and Naloxone.

911 Access:

Quick access to 911, and crisis line for emergency support.

Emergency Contacts:

Add several emergency contacts for assistance.


Pre reminders for the wake-up call before SOS triggers.

Mood Detector:

Select from the list of emotions provided in order to keep a track of how you’re feeling This will increase your self-awareness.

Naloxone Locator:

Easy to locate nearby medical services in case of emergency.