About Us



iKeepr aims to save the lives of people that are victims of substance abuse. With the help of advanced technology and information, iKeepr has been created to prevent people from coming one step closer to losing their lives by an accidental cause.


As technology advances by the day, iKeepr aims to fill all those gaps that were once not able to help people with this matter. In the long run, we wish to achieve our goals and save as many lives as we can with the help of an application that anyone can use while consuming any kind of substance.

Application Overview:

iKeepr serves the purpose to save the lives of people that fall victim to over-consumption of substances. To prevent any sort of harm or further health deterioration, iKeepr helps by providing information on how to save a person’s life at that moment. Likewise, iKeepr connects the user with a list of nearby first responders in their location. They are the emergency contacts that a user provides in case they need immediate medical attention while consuming the substance. A user may also assign unknown people as well to reach out in case nearby emergency contacts are unable to respond.

The app allows a user to set a time limit just before consuming the substance. The timer starts ringing when the set time limit is reached. The user needs to tap on the timer to notify that they’re doing fine. They may also extend the time if they wish. If the user does not respond at the set time limit and it exceeds, then an alert is activated. This alert notifies all nearby emergency contacts about the user’s situation, and they receive a notification through the app and an SMS on their phones. The user can set a timer up to 5 times a day, and if they wish to have an unlimited option of setting the timer, then they can make an in-app purchase of the premium package that allows access to this option.