Q1. What is the purpose of iKeepr?

IKeepr is designed to help save the lives of people that are victims of substance abuse. This application helps by reaching out to the emergency contacts that you provide at the beginning in case you’re not responding and require immediate medical attention.

Q2. How does this application help you?

In case of emergency, what iKeepr does is that it detects your current location and sends out an alert to all emergency contacts in case you are not responding at that moment. The application also provides a CPR guide for rescue breathing, a guide on Naloxone and Opioids, how you should use these to treat the patient, and general emergency contacts (911 and 811 helpline). These guides allow the emergency contacts to know how they can save your life.

Q3. How does the app work?

After you’ve verified and gone through the application, there will be an option where you will need to set up a timer. The purpose of this timer is to allow the user to set up a time limit when they use the substance. There is also a list of different kinds of substances you can select from. So, if you’re taking any you need to select this from the list and then set the timer. The timer allows us to know if you have responded within the time limit or not. If the time exceeds the set time limit, then the alarm would notify all nearby emergency contacts and someone will reach out to you and come to your location.

Q4. What if I’m in a difficult-to-reach location? (E.g., bathroom at work, rooftop, etc.)

We have provided an option in the app where you can enter specific details of your location, like building name, floor no., apartment no., etc. This will help all emergency contacts to know where to reach you during the emergency.

Q5. Do I have to pay for any feature or the app itself when downloading from the app store?

IKeepr is free to download and has the option of using the timer up to 5 times a day. To avail of the premium feature, you need to make an in-app purchase through AdMob on android or Apple Pay on iOS. The premium package includes an unlimited option to set a timer and no ads. It costs only $0.99/month.

Q6. Is it safe to use an app like iKeepr to treat life-threatening emergencies?

Yes applications, like iKeepr have been created for the sole purpose of saving lives on-spot. If you fall victim to substance abuse and you require immediate medical attention, iKeepr enables a quick way of accessing medical help from your nearby emergency contacts.

Q7. Will the police be notified each time we use the app?

This app is designed to reach out to emergency contacts that you must enter when setting up the application. There is no connection with law enforcement services except for first responders that are closer to you. They are reached out for help to save your life immediately.

Q8. Is the iKeepr app accessible to people living in remote areas?

IKeepr covers all areas where emergency medical assistance can be reached out, so it may include rural and remote areas as well. Depending on your location and the situation, nearby first-responders will be alerted that includes all your emergency contacts: friends, family, fire rescue teams, and other community responders to reach the emergency until someone arrives at your location. You can also allow unknown people to reach out to you if you would like. To expand the medical assistance, reach to all areas, iKeepr is constantly working on overcoming any limitations that occur when locating users.

Q9. What are the other options in this app other than the timer feature?

IKeepr application includes a detailed guide about what is Naloxone, what are Opioids, the signs and symptoms of overdose, how to respond and give a dose of each, and a CPR guide, etc.

Q10. What do the services nearby option do?

When the emergency alert rings, the nearby emergency contacts get a notification immediately. Your location is sent to them and they respond by sending a call to you, if you don’t respond they will be coming to your location to rescue you right away.

Q11. When signing up on this app, what information will be gathered? How will iKeepr use this information?

iKeepr will only require your number, your emergency contacts (including their number and email IDs), and your location. No other information will be required other than these. Your number will be used for OTP verification, and the emergency contacts will be used for reaching out to you when a situation occurs. Your location will be used to notify the emergency contacts when the alert is triggered.

Q12. Does any third party have access to my information?

iKeepr has no involvement of a third party other than nearby emergency contacts that you provide as first-responders. They will only have access to your location and your contact number when needed.

Q13. Are there any algorithms used to target certain demographics?

No, iKeepr does not require any algorithms as people mostly hear about us through social media platforms or word-of-mouth.

Q14. How do I use the iKeepr app and the timer option?

  • To use the timer, follow the steps mentioned ahead:
  • Tap on the “set timer” option on the home screen
  • Set your location
  • Select the substance you’re consuming from the list
  • Start the timer and then consume the substance
  • Once your time limit is reached, the alarm will start ringing. You should tap on the timer to indicate you are fine. If you don’t tap on the timer, then the alarm will ring louder.
  • After the set time limit exceeds, you have the option to extend the timer, but if you don’t respond, then a notification or SMS would be sent automatically to all your emergency contacts.
  • A nearby emergency contact will respond and help you out by coming to your location with the required medical kit.

Q15. Whom do I reach out for help if I face any issue using the app?

You can always contact our team at the provided email address if any issue occurs in the application. Don’t forget to send us your valuable feedback and share your experience with iKeepr.