Monkeypox Outbreak – An Alarming Rise in Cases Around the Globe.

Ghazala Abbas
June 6, 2022
According to the WHO, over 550 cases of the monkeypox outbreak have been reported globally as of June 1.World Health Organisation The monkeypox outbreak has taken a toll and caused a panic among humans, as alarming as the rate sounds. The virus was first discovered in monkeys as part of a study many years ago, and it quickly spread to humans as well. Fever, headaches, skin rashes, and spots ...

10 Signs of Opioid Addiction

Ghazala Abbas
May 2, 2022
According to the National Institute on Opioid Abuse, if you experience the urge for the drug on a daily or multiple daily basis, it could be a sign of addiction. Other aspects of your life take a back seat to your opioid use. Without it, you don't feel normal. You may use it to cope with stress or anxiety and feel you need it to get through each day. If these symptoms appear in your life — o...

6 Ways to Improve Your Personal Development

Ghazala Abbas
January 3, 2022
There are many forms of personal development practices, including books, seminars, meetings, and much more. In a world of issues, there are many different problems and many different venues to choose from in order to seek out the help you need. This article discusses personal development and gives you directions on how to find what you need. Self-confidence is the Key to Personal Development...