What is Digital Health and Why it is Important?

The global digital health market was valued at over 200 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. According to recent forecasts, this figure is expected to exceed 500 billion dollars by 2024.


Digital health is evolving into a critical instrument. It’s paving the way for everyone to have access to medical information and advice in the event of an emergency. Not only healthcare professionals, but everyone can now benefit from it. In other words, it is acting as a source of information and guidance that is aiming to help save lives.

What is Digital Health?

Digital Health provides health-related information and assistance via software and smartphone applications. Medical information is now just a click away, thanks to the advancements in information and technology. Over the years, technology has been advancing rapidly, allowing the healthcare industry to give better support in all areas.

Likewise, it can consist of general health advice or a how-to guide of using medical equipment. Digital health is now enabling not just doctors, but also regular users to have crucial health information at their fingertips.

Importance of Digital Health:

There are numerous benefits and to name a few, here are some key factors that you must know:

  1. Get useful insights on signs, symptoms, and causes of certain illnesses
  2. Maintain your health records and monitor them through mobile applications or medical devices
  3. Maintain patient records and history and get access whenever you need
  4. Online consultation and appointments with doctors from around the globe.
  5. Get life-saving advice and a guide to help you avoid overdosing in an emergency.

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How Smartphone Apps are helping in saving lives smartly:

Recently released data by the CDC show that drug overdose deaths reached a record high of 93,331 in 2020.

Commonwealth Fund

As alarming as these fatality rates may appear, digital health apps are working on reducing overdose deaths. There is a slew of digital health apps available specifically to save lives in the event of an emergency. These applications act as a savior and provide medical assistance in the form of life-saving techniques and guides.

To sum up, it is safe to say that digital health is the first step towards spreading medical knowledge. With the help of the right information technology, digital health apps can be the beginning of an advanced era. Anyone can participate in becoming a savior for themselves and their loved ones.

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