What is iKeepr — Digital Health App

According to the Canada’s Public Health Statistics, 62% of people who fall victims to substance overdose are mostly found alone and in their private residences.


While this has become a serious concern, safety precautions and safeguards must be addressed to save lives immediately. Many people who consume drugs and mistakenly overdose may experience major health problems or even die suddenly. To prevent this from happening, technologically enhanced methods for saving lives have been devised. With the number of people dying from opioid overdoses increasing by the day, apps like iKeepr can help users save their lives in an emergency.

What is iKeepr? How does it save lives smartly?

iKeepr is a mobile application that strives to help those who become unresponsive as a result of heavy substance use. It was created with the goal of saving the lives of people who have been addicted to narcotics. iKeepr assists in preventing any injury or future health deterioration or even death by offering knowledge on how to save a person’s life at that time. If you do not respond to the app’s timer, the app will send an SMS to all emergency contacts. This app also allows unknown users nearby to respond to the emergency requiring immediate attention. Likewise, the app provides a CPR guide for rescue breathing, a guide to Naloxone and Opioids, and how to use them to treat the patient. In short, these guidelines explain how your emergency contacts can help save your life.

What features does iKeepr app offer?

1: Crisis Timer

In the event of a catastrophe, the timer function prompts an emergency response. You can also extend the time on the timer if you wish.

2: A Guide to Saving Your Life

Learn how to save lives on the spot, how to use Naloxone, how to respond to an overdose, how to perform CPR, and more.

3: Seek Assistance

To improve your appeal for aid, add up to five emergency contacts. Access to a 24-hour crisis line (911 and 811).

4: Resource Locator

Using our mapping function, locate nearest emergency health services. You can see what hospitals or medical services are nearby.

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